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updated 5/20/24

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What you gain

Physical & Mental Health

Regular exercise will improve their health and get them in the habit of exercising. Whether they’re infield or outfield, little league players are almost always in motion! Baseball is a great way to increase your heart rate, build muscle and increase flexibility. Being part of a team can boost their self-esteem and the pride they take as a contributing player.

Baseball helps kids with their social skills to be better listeners, think collaboratively and communicate more effectively.

Make Friends

This is a fantastic way to get kids engaged in the community with their neighbors. Baseball is a great way to help kids create an identity, whether they’re wearing their uniform on the field or sporting their gear off the field. Some kids are natural social butterflies and others seem to be more on the quiet side.

Little League gets kids together and gives them a common ground upon which strong friendships can be forged.


Of course kids want to win, but we all know that can’t happen all the time in life. It’s important to learn how to accept defeat and feel happy for others who do win to show respect. Little League creates an environment in which the game matters more than the outcome. In the end, whether your child wins or loses, they still get to have fun.

Learning how to lose gracefully in a more low-stakes environment can help kids learn how to accept loss later in life without feeling angry, dejected or overwhelmed.

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