Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I tell what division my child should be in?

A: You can find the Little League Baseball age chart here. Alternatively, you can use the League-Age Calculator.


Q: When are games and practices?

A: As soon as the kids are placed on teams, the coach will reach out to you with a practicing schedule. Game schedules will be released before opening day.  This will be the schedule for the entire season.


Q: Do you allow 4-year-olds to play?

A: While Little League International does allow 4-year-olds, Arden has rules against this. So sit tight & we will see your child when they're 5.


Q: What gear does my child need for practices and games?

A: Pants, tee shirt, bat, helmet, glove & cleats


Q: Are uniforms included?

A: Once your child is on a team, they'll be given a shirt and a hat.  The coach will tell you what color baseball pants, socks and a belt to get.


Q: I'd like my child to play with their friend from school.

A: If your child is a first-year tee-ball player, please email us your request. If your child is a returning player, there will be no buddy requests. Little League encourages you and your child to meet new neighborhood families.


Q: What is TeamSnap, and how do I get started?

We now use TeamSnap for all of our communications. If you're new, here are a few helpful tips:


  • To add your spouse or other family member and give them access to your child’s team, log into your account at, click the New Family Member button, and make sure to grant Shared Access.


  • To add family members with access (Web)
    • Click the Roster tab
    • Click on member name
    • Click New Family Member button
    • Enter contact details
    • Check the Allow access to manage [member's] account (Shared Access) box below the email field (Contacts with multiple emails entered that match multiple existing TeamSnap accounts will receive regular email invitations to each email address and will not be auto-accepted)
    • Check the Invite to Join? box at the bottom of the screen
    • Click Save


  • To add family members with access (iOS)
    • Tap the Roster tab
    • Tap on member name
    • Tap Edit in the top right
    • Tap + Family Members
    • Enter contact details
    • Tap to toggle Send Invitation to Join slider ON at the top of the screen
    • Tap Save in the top-right corner



  • To add family members with access (Android)
    • Tap the Roster tab
    • Tap on member name
    • Tap + in the Family Members section
    • Enter contact details
    • Tap to check the Send Invite box at the top of the screen
    • Tap the done ✓ icon in the top-right corner


    • After the family member/additional contact accepts their invitation, can log into their TeamSnap account and access the team through the main member profile. Family Member/Shared Access allows a person to edit their member information, change or update member availability, and add and edit other contacts under the member profile.
  • To add your schedule to your Google or iCal, login into your account at, click on the SCHEDULE Tab and look for the SUBSCRIBE/EXPORT button.
    • Next, TeamSnap offers several ways to add the full calendar or games-only calendar to your specific calendar.
    • For Google Calendar - copy the URL link for your calendar and then open your Google Calendar in the web browser. Under the left side calendar options > under OTHER CALENDARS, click on the drop-down arrow to expand the menu. Select Add Calendar by URL. Then paste the URL into the next screen.