READ THIS ... before you register: Please ensure that you have all eligibility documents ready before starting the registration process (this will prevent incomplete registrations).

Player eligibility must be verified in 1 of 2 ways:

1. School Verification Form: If your ballplayer goes to a school within the Arden Little League boundaries (Del Dayo Elementary, Mariemont Elementary, or Arden Middle School), complete this form and have it signed by a school official. Note: A single school verification is sufficient for the ballplayer's entire little league career as long as it is on file with the league.

**New for 2023 Registration*** — all players must have digital school verification forms on file. Returning players with no digital verification on file will need to submit one electronically at the time of registration.

2. Residence Verification: If you live within the boundaries of Arden Little League, verify your address by uploading documents in each of the 3 groups (as detailed by the checklist). Residence verification documents must be uploaded every year to remain eligible.


Finally, you will also need to have a completed/signed Medical Release Form prior to registration.

Age Charts and League-Age Calculator

Find the Little League Baseball age chart here. Alternatively, you can use the League-Age Calculator.

Check out this Little League post for more details (and links).

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