Farm, Minor, Major, 50/70 & Junior Families:

Tryouts are mandatory and will be held on Sunday, February 6th at the baseball fields.
For those new to tryouts, please don't worry - kids are not cut, this is merely an assessment to ensure we have balanced teams. 

You must be at the field 30 minutes PRIOR to your assigned time to check in and warm up. You will attend based on the FIRST LETTER OF YOUR LAST NAME.


50/70 and Juniors        9:00-9:30 

Majors 1st  A-M             9:30-10:15  

Majors 2nd N-Z              10:15-11:00 

Minors 1st A-H              11:00-11:45  

Minors 2nd I-P               11:45-12:30

Minors 3rd Q-Z              12:30-1:15

Farm 1st A-F                   1:15-2:00

Farm 2nd G-L                  2:00-2:45

Farm 3rd M-R                 2:45-3:30

Farm 4th S-Z                   3:30-4:15


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.