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The Arden Little League Equipment Director for 2017 is Eric Bakke.  He can be reached at if you have any questions or need to replace equipment. 

Online Catalogs & Resources

Little League Approved Bats (2017)

Bat Information Resources

  1. General Bat Information for 2017 
  2. Baseball Bat Types
  3. Definition of Bat Terms
  4. Baseball Bat Moratorium Overview and Background
  5. Bat Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Full Printable List of 2 1/4 Baseball Bats (.pdf)
  7. Licensed Composite Bats (2 1/4 Inch Barrels)

Excerpt from Licensed Composite Bats - (2 1/4 Inch Barrels) page:

Licensed composite-barreled bats (2 1/4 inch barrels) that meet the Bat Performance Factor (BPF) standard, and the Accelerated Break In (ABI) procedure, are listed below.

This list applies for the current season, and will be updated as needed.

This list is representative of licensed composite-barreled baseball bats that are permitted to be used in the Little League (Majors) Division and below, as of the latest revision date shown at the bottom of this page, when this list was last updated.

This list may have more licensed models added to it as more bats are tested, and if Little League receives the positive testing results from the manufacturer.

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